Dylan Nash


[Dylan’s] “organic and heartfelt attitude towards production and songwriting is a lovely approach that isn't seen too often in a scene that is saturated by highly-strung, and overproduced soundscapes.” - Futuremag Music


As a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and mixer based in Sydney, Dylan’s one of the rare few who thrives in and exceeds at being a part of the creative process from beginning to end. 


In only a few short years, Dylan Nash has become a go-to and in-demand Australian writer/producer. Excelling across multiple genres, he has a reputation for helping uncover and guide an artist's unique sound. 






Dean Lewis

Be Alright (Single)

The Million Hydration Station Producer

The Million

Hydration Station EP

Eluera Him Blackout (The Comedown) producer

Dean Lewis

A Place We Knew (Album)


"Him" & "Blackout (The Comedown)"


Via the contact form or at info@dylannashmusic.com

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